VIEW PHOTOS AND POSTS. Photography by Elizabeth Bauer, Santa Fe, NM.

This is a photo blog featuring a selection of photos that I have taken over the period of many years in the Santa Fe New Mexico area (mainly) and in other locations. This is still a work in progress. The camera comes with me everywhere. I will post small galleries of photos on a regular basis. The photos within an individual posting are not necessarily in chronological order. I choose groups that I like seeing together, and maybe someone else will too. They could have been taken years apart.

Clicking on “View All Posts and Photos” will get you into the main galleries, arranged with the most recent posting first. I also write a few words about each post.

The unifying theme for this site, in case you haven’t figured it out, is: that all of the photos are “in black and white”. Well, maybe once in a while I’ll post a color shot just to keep everyone on their toes. Have fun. These are bite-sized presentations. I do not use PhotoShop to add or subtract anything. Nothing has been manipulated, except for the use of traditional darkroom techniques such as “dodging” and “burning”— selectively lightening and darkening areas of the photograph.

I have uploaded higher-than-usual-quality images which may increase the time it takes to show on your screen initially. Please be patient. I hope you enjoy your stay.